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Stay behind your client. You should never lead your client into a home, building or room, according to the NAR REALTOR® Safety Program. Use directional signals and hand gestures to lead your clients through a property, all the while staying behind them. Hank Hayes, founder of Intuitive Self-Protection, a nationwide training organization catering to both personal and corporate environments, goes farther to say that you should never go in the basement, attic or upstairs. Instead, give your clients the space they need to tour the home’s other floors and stay in an open and easily exited space.

Keep your distance. Stay at least eight feet from your client and don’t let that person out of your field of view, Hayes emphasizes. “Also, you can dress professionally, but wear shoes that you can run in.”

Limit the personal information you give out. Sometimes just a personal photograph can trigger a predator. Consider creating marketing materials without a headshot, and never use a home address or phone number in your contact information. Don’t use your full name with middle name or initial, and use your office address only if you feel the need to include any address at all, the NAR REALTOR® Safety Program suggests.

Most people would not rank being a real estate agent at the top of the list of dangerous professions. However, real estate agents put their safety on the line every day when they meet a new client, drive clients to homes for sale, and show a vacant property. We are now offering a specialized course for Real Estate Professionals!

Our course is designed to prepare real estate professionals for common safety issues they may face, such as meeting new clients, driving clients to properties, and showing vacant homes. You will learn how to recognize potential threats, how to avoid dangerous situations, and how to react in the event of an emergency. Our experienced instructors will provide you with practical and effective self-defense techniques that you can use to protect yourself and your clients.

Thursday, October 19th at 7pm. Click the link to register

Instructor: Professor Griff