Get The Green Black and Red ‘N

By: Professor Griff Minister Of Information : Public Enemy

Get The Green Black And Red ‘N, takes a deep dive into the most important Issues concerning the human family. With a growing radical mindset surviving the turbulent sixties seeing the birth of a new genre of music called Hip Hop Griff saw a way to reach the masses of black people and uniting the human family. From his early formative years in Roosevelt, Long Island New York he learned the art of articulation from lectures, marches and protest. The interpretation of those spiritually militant ideas lead the idea of (RAP) Rhythm And Poetry.
In the face of persistent racism, identifying the culprit using a worldwide stage with turntables and a microphone, speaking from a public school education with an alternative set of instructions from the greatest nation on earth to the now global audience.
The nations mindset that gave birth to rebellion, Griff set out to hold a mirror up to the nation so it can see the race-based sickness in history, education and music. by systematically explaining the problem while offering soul-lotions Griff’s book Get The Green Black And Red ‘N takes up the challenge.
The title is taken from a song that the public enemy fans know so well spoke“Don’t believe The Hype.”

Get The Green Black And Red ‘N
The new book by Professor Griff
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